Ruby on Rails Development in Atlanta

MobileDyne Systems has specialized in Agile web application development using Ruby on Rails in the Atlanta area for the last two and one-half years. The Rails framework only dates from the summer of 2004, and MobileDyne has been building Rails projects since the Fall of 2005. While there are other Agile web development frameworks, none have as much marketplace acceptance as Ruby on Rails.

The Atlanta market benefits from an extremely large and active Rails community, ensuring customers that their Rails applications can be developed and maintained into perpetuity. Choosing a more obscure framework reduces the number of competent developers available, increasing costs and risks. Rails remains a good choice for many projects, one that provides widely tested techniques which can be leveraged to minimize development time, cost, and risk. The widespread adaption of Rails worldwide also provides a rich library of easily-integrated specialized features, almost all of which are open-source and freely available.

Unlike many other Rails firms, MobileDyne has been in business for more than a decade, serving some of the biggest companies in Atlanta. We have developed software in many other languages, from C and C++ to Python and Microsoft .NET. If some parts of your application can be run more efficiently in C++, we have a ready library of integration code that can be exploited without a hiccup. More importantly, we have the expertise and maturity to know when a part of your system is not performing as well as it could, and how it can be fixed. The market is full of "script kiddie" web developers who are good with colors, but are woefully unaware of how serious systems should be designed, built and tested. Developers who will honestly tell you "that's just how it works - it can't be made any faster" as soon as the problem exceeds their expertise.