Contract Ruby On Rails Software Development in Atlanta

MobileDyne Systems provides contract software development services on Unix, Linux, and FreeBSD. Most of our work in the last few years has been in Ruby on Rails, though we also have expertise in Python, C, C++ and a variety of other languages and system tools. Recent Rails development has leveraged Google Maps, the Google Search Appliance, and Amazon's web services: S3 and EC2.

Agile Development Performance

You need business ideas implemented and deployed quickly. The ideas are likely to evolve as development proceeds, so Agile practices are critical. Sending the entire project offshore to developers who will say "Yes, I got it! Sure!" regardless of whether they understand your intent wastes time, energy, and budget. MobileDyne can be onsite as much as you need, allowing instant feedback and updates to the deployed app. Nothing beats face-to-face communication for speed, clarity, and cost-effective results. And we'll document each feature in a web-based tracking system visible to all remote stakeholders as we go.

Maintainable Performance

The app has to work no matter what a user does, and all the field validations have to be solid. Small changes have to be quick and easy to implement.

Runtime Performance

Pretty artwork and nice colors won't cut it with users if the app runs slow. How many times have you seen users figure out some 'ugly' shortcut in an app because they could use it to get snappier response? Users just want to get their part done fast, without puzzling over unintuitive controls, and admiring cute hourglasses or colorful twirling "progress indicators" every time some minor input brings the system to a crawl.